Reflection: Student Ownership Investigate Sources to Look for Answers - Section 2: A Visit to the Library


Students were a bit confused in the beginning because they are not sure how to focus on their research.  The FINDS template, however, specifically the Focus section, allowed students to map out their plans.  It is a checklist of things to do and materials to use, and students used it easily because it's so similar to a procedural text.  Once, I introduced the Focus Template, students were more comfortable with their action steps.  Graphic organizers are great tools and this template really helps students to follow the steps to help them develop a focus on research.

  Guiding with the Graphic Organizer
  Student Ownership: Guiding with the Graphic Organizer
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Investigate Sources to Look for Answers

Unit 11: FINDS Research
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT locate and investigate resources to answer questions on a topic.

Big Idea: How do students locate the best resources to investigate a topic ?

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