Reflection: Gradual Release Word Problems with 3 Addends Part II - Section 2: Whole Group Interaction


I knew in advance that I would have some students catch on to the multi-step process of adding 3 numbers very quickly, some would get it after seeing a few examples, and others would need extensive modeling. This is why we are teachers, we get to know our students and what their needs are. I began by gathering everyone around me at the chalkboard and showed some examples. After 2 examples I told the students who were ready to return to their desk and get started. The other students stayed with me and we continued to work through problems together. I had a few more students decide they understood and left the group. Then, I sent the students who were left to get their practice sheet and come to me at our work table. We worked through the first 3 problems together and then I had them attempt on their own. So altogether my lowest students saw about 6 problems modeled, joined me for 3 together, and then I observed as they began on their own. This gradual release is necessary for some topics. I do not use it for everything, everyday, but it is a great process to use when you know a concept is going to be difficult for some and not others. 

  Gradual Release: Differentiating
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Word Problems with 3 Addends Part II

Unit 5: Word Problems
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT join a set of 3 numbers through addition.

Big Idea: My students have worked on joining 3 addends using drawings, objects, and equations. This lesson will supply concentrated practice on solving 3 addend equations with sums less than or equal to 20.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , addition, First Grade, 3 addends, word problems
  25 minutes
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