Reflection: Real World Applications Word problems with 3 Addends Part I - Section 2: Whole Group Interaction


Using tally marks is a life skill that everyone will use at one time or another. Teaching how to use them for adding is difficult for first graders. I have always taught my students how to draw tally marks; 4 straight lines and then a side slash and this is a set of 5. Then I would teach them to count their sets by 5's. Today, I wanted them to see how these tally marks can help them with adding also, but the counting occurs in a different way and explicit instruction must occur for them to see the process. If the problem they are solving is 2+3, we would draw 2 lines and count 1, 2. Then we would draw 2 more lines and a side slash while counting 1, 2, 3, and then they would see a set of 5 and 2+3=5. Then they would draw more lines and count to represent the third addend being joined together. Watch the video in the resource section to see our discussion about tally marks.

  Real World Applications: Tally Marks
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Word problems with 3 Addends Part I

Unit 5: Word Problems
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT solve multi-step word problems by adding three numbers.

Big Idea: Following multi-step directions is a difficult task for first graders. This introductory lesson will teach them how to bring a word problem to life and help them visualize what needs to be done to solve by joining three numbers.

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