Reflection: Real World Applications Text and Experience: What's a Field Trip Worth? - Section 3: Pioneer Village Field Trip


I ask the question, "What's a Field Trip Worth?" in the title of the lesson.  My answer is they can be worth A LOT, if you give the effort.  The kids benefited from this lesson from beginning to end.  They arrived motivated to visit the Blacksmith Shop because I made it such a focus when we were still in school.  Not all of my classes have done this lesson, so I can easily compare.  This class enjoyed the Pioneer Village field trip as they mentally plugged in prepared information, and enjoyed seeing things in person.  There are lots of opportunities like this when we go to field trips, but it takes some thought and proper planning.

  What's a Field Trip Worth?
  Real World Applications: What's a Field Trip Worth?
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Text and Experience: What's a Field Trip Worth?

Unit 8: Structuring Informational Text
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: TSWBAT read informational text, experience the matter firsthand, then compare facts and evidence learned from each source.

Big Idea: ON SITE learning brings INSIGHT to learning.

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