Reflection: Lesson Planning Audience, Tone, and Style in Informative Text - Section 4: Independent Practice


This lesson is very representative of the way I structure most of my lessons when students are learning qualities of writing, no matter the genre and text type (informative, narrative, argumentative, etc.). I am huge into modeling and I have noticed it is the most effective way to help students grow as writers.

I show students various examples of a certain type of genre and we take them apart to look at certain qualities, in this lesson it's tone, audience, and style, that make up that genre. Students are able to see how the qualities are used and this helps them to conceptualize it before they begin writing on their own. After they have an understanding of what the quality looks like, they have a clear focus for practice.

It's not enough to expect students to be good writers. They need to be shown what good writing is, and more importantly why it's good writing. By creating this kind of culture in the classroom community it raises the level of expectations. Students are more motivate to write and work on their writing when they can see how it can be done.

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Audience, Tone, and Style in Informative Text

Unit 2: Informative/Explanatory Writing: Elements
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT apply knowledge of audience, tone, and style in writing informative texts.

Big Idea: But there are so many words! Which are the good ones?

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