Reflection: Gradual Release Detecting the Pattern - Section 1: Warming Up!


During the warm up activity some students still needed prompting in order for them to explain the relationship between repeated addition and multiplication.  I thought that students would easily catch on to the correlation between the two, but they did not grasp it as quick as I thought.  In this video my student struggled with the right words to say as he explained what he noticed.  However, he understood the connection between addition and multiplication, but did not know the correct mathematical terms to use to explain.  The learning experience for me is; to model more using mathematical terms in hopes that students will gradually connect.




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  Gradual Release: How do you Know?
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Detecting the Pattern

Unit 4: Numbers and Their Places!
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: 4.NBT.5 SWBAT multiply one, two, and three digit numbers using a variety of skills.

Big Idea: Students Love to investigate, using a variety of skills students will detect the pattern for solving multiplication problems.

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