Reflection: Unit Planning Native American Tribes - Petroglyph Creation - Section 3: What Message Will you Leave Behind?


This Native American Unit is quite lengthy, however there is SO MUCH rich content and so many authentic learning experiences you can create that add to not only the learning of social studies but also add to the language arts content in a big way.  This is the first year that I have gone this far with the Native American unit but I have loved how deep we have been able to go and how much the students have enjoyed the unit.  I fully intend to continue to teach this lengthy unit in the future.   I feel my students writing especially has improved over the course of this unit.  

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Native American Tribes - Petroglyph Creation

Unit 11: Native American Tribes of Utah
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Objective: SWBAT Write about a message that would be important to share with other tribes through petroglyphs.

Big Idea: We are creating a 3D petroglyph project. Students will decide what is important to share with other tribes by creating their own petroglyphs.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Social Studies, Writing Process, Native Americans, petroglyphs, subject integration, art
  70 minutes
making petroglyphs
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