Reflection: Lesson Planning Native American Tribes - Mock Disaster - Section 2: Disaster Strikes!


Just a heads up...past experience has taught me that I need to clear that these are MADE UP disasters and that there is no need to be fearful about the things we will be discussing.  I have had students in tears in the past when we discuss issues like these.  I have also had students that seem fine in class and I find out later from a parent that they are having nightmares at home and not sleeping.  A little explanation before hand goes a long way to ease the fears that are so near the surface for many tender students.

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Native American Tribes - Mock Disaster

Unit 11: Native American Tribes of Utah
Lesson 20 of 22

Objective: SWBAT write about what it would be like to experience a disaster from the perspective of a Native American from their tribe who experienced that disaster.

Big Idea: Students will be experiencing a mock disaster in their tribe and will write about the disaster from the perspective of a tribe member in history who may have truly experienced that disaster.

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Social Studies, group decision-making, English / Language Arts, Indians, Writing, Writing Process, Native Americans, speaking, listening, Language Arts, subject integration
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