Reflection: Joy GAME DAY! Relationships between ideas, concepts and individuals - Section 1: Pre-Game Pep Rally


We remixed our warm-up today to make it a bit more fun.  I showed scholars how to do high knees, low knees, galloping, skipping and "criss-cross."  Then, one scholar demonstrated how to do each of these things.  Finally, as scholars jogged around the classroom, I gave a command (i.e. High knees) and scholars jogged with high knees.  This made the warm-up jog a bit more fun and kept it a little interesting.  Just make sure that scholars have a clear path where they can jog and also make sure that you MODEL your expectations for this time.  Then, reinforce scholars who exhibit the appropriate behaviors.  Without explicit modeling and reinforcement, this could be a disaster!!  However, when you are explicit and reinforce scholars, this is super FUN, builds tons of community and is great for kids' brains!  

  Remixed warm-up
  Joy: Remixed warm-up
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GAME DAY! Relationships between ideas, concepts and individuals

Unit 8: Animal Encounters - Part I
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use quotes to describe the relationships between ideas, concepts and individuals

Big Idea: It's game day, bring it!

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