Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Polynomial Puzzles 2: Distributive Property - Section 2: Polynomial Puzzles


I had never used these polynomial puzzles in the past.  I am really happy that I infused these lessons at key points in this unit.  The type of thinking required to complete the puzzle is exactly the type of thinking you want from your students when examining any polynomial question.  In order to complete the puzzle, students need to show a flexibility in thinking.  They need to be able to work forward (multiply) and backwards (factor) interchangeably.  Often when working in a polynomials unit students are either practicing all factoring or all multiplying but not both at the same time.  This activity also has the built in benefit of being "self-checking."  This way students will know whether or not they are completing the puzzle correctly.

  Thinking Flexibly
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Thinking Flexibly
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Polynomial Puzzles 2: Distributive Property

Unit 4: Polynomial Expressions
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Objective: SWBAT multiply and factor expressions using the distributive property.

Big Idea: Polynomial puzzles help students develop fluency for factoring.

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