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This is the first time I have taught this compare and contrast activity during our Native American unit.  The students have been enthralled with the content and I have been totally amazed at what they have been able to come up with.

I love the thinking that the students are expected to do with the common core.  No more spoon feeding answers to students so that the can regurgitate them back at us.  They are learning to think for themselves and it is an exciting process to be a part of!

  Love This Project!
  Joy: Love This Project!
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Native American Petroglyphs - Close Read - Compare and Contrast

Unit 11: Native American Tribes of Utah
Lesson 14 of 22

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the close read text "Vernal Area Rock Art" by Byron Loosle and Kelda Wilson with a video clip from a Native American explaining petroglyphs.

Big Idea: We have read "Vernal Area Rock Art" by Byron Loosle, Ph.D. and Kelda Wilson and today we will compare the text to a video clip of a Native American explaining the meaning of petroglyphs.

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English / Language Arts, Social Studies, Writing, Writing Process, Native Americans, compare and contrast, petroglyphs, subject integration
  30 minutes
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