Reflection: Rigor Native American Petroglyphs - Close Read - "Vernal Area Rock Art" - Section 3: Close Read


One of the biggest shifts I have seen in the language arts common core is that of digging deeper into a text and struggling (successfully) with complex text.  We have a higher standard for our students.  This text was written for an adult audience as a brochure for visitors to the Vernal area.  Digging into the text and successfully comprehending and drawing meaning from this complex text was a tremendous boost to the students' confidence.  Of course I pointed out that this was written for adults and they are super readers who have used their reading skills to figure out the meaning of the text.  They LOVED this piece.  I think we all love a good challenge. Students included!  

I have always loved to read, my whole life.  It wasn't until high school when we dug deeper into literature that my PASSION for reading began.  How great is it that we are starting it younger with our students now!  They can have that passion at 4th grade!!


  Satisfaction in Successful Struggle
  Rigor: Satisfaction in Successful Struggle
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Native American Petroglyphs - Close Read - "Vernal Area Rock Art"

Unit 11: Native American Tribes of Utah
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Objective: SWBAT identify the key ideas and details within this non-fiction text as well as identify the text structure.

Big Idea: We will be taking a close look at "Vernal Area Rock Art" by Byron Loosle and Kelda Wilson. We focus on the key ideas and details in the text as, well as, the craft and structure.

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