Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Winter Olympics:Non Standard Measurement - Section 3: Independent Practice


Watch the video in the resource section and you can see the big woops! I had to stop my video to help this student see that even though she is in a hurry, she has to be more accurate because her results would not be accurate. You can see she is rushing and just layering one strip above the other, but not taking the time to line them end to end. This procedure ensures accuracy and this will matter as students progress from using non-standard objects for measurement to using rulers and other forms of measurement.

  Problem-based Approaches: Being Specific
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Winter Olympics:Non Standard Measurement

Unit 8: Measurement
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT express a length using multiple pieces of a shorter object.

Big Idea: We are going for GOLD! Students will use different objects to measure the length achieved in different Olympic events.

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