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In this video, a student gives his reasons as to why multiplication  would be the best way for him to solve the problem.  As I circled the room I noticed he had a lot of dots on his board, however, I wanted to see just how long it would take him to figure out that the method would take a long time.  Of course it did not take long for him to try to figure out another way to solve.  I learned that if you just give students the information and observe what they do with it, most of them will eventually figure out their own way to solve.




  How do I figure out how to solve problems
  Student Feedback: How do I figure out how to solve problems
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Visually Thinking

Unit 1: Back To Understanding the Basics!
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Objective: SWBAT determine the operation needed to problem solve.

Big Idea: Seeing is believing! Students will discuss various ways word problems can be solved to determine the operation needed to problem solve.

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