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Anytime I have the students read CLOSELY, I make sure to review and discuss the annotations they can use. I also remind them that when we have margins around an article they make a great place to write notes as we read. I try to point out an annotation that I might want them to really practice using. I choose one based on what I think will help them the most while reading or one that I have not seen many of the students using. 

  Annotation Review
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Annotation Review
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You be the Judge: Point of View

Unit 8: Comprehension Lessons
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Objective: SWBAT read closely about a famous athlete and then watch footage of that athlete to write a response that judges their performance.

Big Idea: The Olympics have caused quite a stir and to use the momentum from the games this lesson has students read about an Olympian they do not know from the past. They will then judge that athlete on the performance they demonstrate in writing.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), point of view, close reading, Writing Response
  40 minutes
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