Reflection: Student Grouping Stargazing Debates - Section 2: For or Against


When I created the pairs, I did so with strengths and weaknesses in mind. I want students that need a good peer model of what their writing should look and sound like. You might have to create the pairs before hand. When I announce the pairs I like to pretend that I set the pairs up by chance. I use popsicle sticks and draw names. However, I call out the pairs I have created as I go. Once they move together, I am not afraid to change students. Often, I notice that once the pair is really together it might not look right and will change it before they begin. 

  Pairing Students Up
  Student Grouping: Pairing Students Up
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Stargazing Debates

Unit 20: Reading and Writing with Two Texts
Lesson 2 of 2

Objective: SWBAT read and write an opinion using two texts on whether they would want an astronomy or stargazing club.

Big Idea: Students will read two articles about the stars and use them to help create a response that they will then use in a debate. The debate will focus on forming a stargazing club at school.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, supported opinion, opinion, debate, Using two texts
  50 minutes
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