Reflection: Safety The Costs and Benefits of Imperialism: Seeking Outside Resources (Day 3 of 3) - Section 1: SSR


All plans went out the window today because of an unexpected lock-down drill. We have one of these every year during second semester and I understand why they are important, especially given some of the recent shootings/events around Colorado, but it is hard to lose instructional time sometimes, especially because this was the class period that was impacted by registration yesterday.

Because my teaching partner was not able to get to any of his material yesterday and is also working under a tight timeline for finishing this unit, we opted to let the students work on Social Studies for most of the remaining 40 minutes of our block class. We cut SSR time and I ended class with my ten minute Heart of Darkness wrap up activity. This means I am going to have to be super efficient tomorrow to make sure they have time in class to gather their current events AND feel prepared through written work for their seminar. I am going to show a short clip of Captain Phillips in class and will model the current even research for them before letting them have 20 minutes to research and prepare for their seminar.

I hope this doesn't all blow up in my face. Ack--stress!

  Unexpected Lock-Down Drill
  Safety: Unexpected Lock-Down Drill
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The Costs and Benefits of Imperialism: Seeking Outside Resources (Day 3 of 3)

Unit 13: Speaking and Listening: Imperialism Seminar
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT learn the process for engaging in short research to help them synthesize information for their seminar by practicing research in class.

Big Idea: As we continue gathering information for our seminar, we will talk about modern implications of imperialism in Africa by researching current events online.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), Literature, World Literature, research, Imperialism, Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad
  30 minutes
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