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I added a high-quality task at the end of this lesson this year, and was very pleased with the result.  Two different students approached this task with two different methods - one algebraic, and one graphical.  It's actually a rare case when the graphical method might be more efficient, and the level of precision required is relatively low.  I liked this task quite a bit. 


Interestingly, the student who pushed the graphical approach is a kid who relies much more on intuition rather than algebraic reasoning to solve problems involving unknowns.  He is also a bit of a joker... see his various copyright comments on his work. :)

  High Quality Task: Multiple Ways to Solve a Complex Problem
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Choose the best method to solve systems of equations

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Objective: SWBAT choose the best method to solve systems.

Big Idea: Choose wisely, my friend. Get kids to get meta about which method to use when solving systems of linear equations.

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Math, Algebra, substitution method, Systems of Equations and Inequalities, elimination method, equation solving, systems of linear equations
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