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On our practice test, I gave students the opportunity to request additional practice when they submitted their work. Only 3 students out of 30 did, so I decided to move into the test.

The problem? I didn't want those 3 students to think I ignored their needs. My solution? I shared my thoughts with students before they took the test, acknowledging that a few students had requested extra practice but that the majority of the class wanted to take the test. I reminded them that even though this was the test, it wasn't "the end" if they wanted further study--all students have the option to retake in my school. That single reminder went a long way toward soothing frayed nerves.

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  Pacing: But I'm Not Ready
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The Test: Language Use and Text Structure

Unit 4: Text Structure and Language Use in Informational Texts
Lesson 17 of 17

Objective: SWBAT independently identify, analyze, and evaluate test structure and figurative language use for specific tone.

Big Idea: Are you ready? Independently analyzing text structure and language use.

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English / Language Arts, nonfiction (analysis), Nonfiction Literature, text structure, figurative language, tone, Self
  45 minutes
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