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Using this scene from The Hunger Games created the emotion, eagerness, and mood I was hoping it would create.  The students loved seeing the clip and were able to infer a lot about the conflicts and struggles the characters were feeling.  I ended up having the students do a double-sided journal entry.  On the one side, they described what was happening in the movie and on other side, they explained their inference.  This was an excellent addition to the lesson, as it prepared them for the later skill of interacting with the text. 

The clip was very visual and high interest.  The students were able to empathize with the main character.  This gave me the needed buy-in to help prepare them for the reading.  The story Ta-Na-E-Ka is at most of the students' instructional level of reading, however, if it ended up homework, they would need that skill to get through the text. 

In the end, it set the lesson up very well and motivated my students to read the story. 

It did take a little longer than anticipated, but that is only because of the discussion.  Depending on the discussion the students generate, this could be a longer segment piece to the lesson. 

  Advanced Organizer Reflection
  Intrinsic Motivation: Advanced Organizer Reflection
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Only the Strong Survive

Unit 1: Literary Analysis: Recipe for Fiction
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to cite text that demonstrates their understanding of conflict.

Big Idea: Is it ever okay to break long standing traditions? Students learn the ancient roots of the modern day Hunger Games by reading about a Native American journey to adulthood in the story Ta Na E Ka!

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