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I like using the SILVER question (see the resource section of this reflection for the question and a sample of student work) to push the use of structure (MP7) right away in the beginning of this unit.  I ask students to create (not choose) a line that will have one solution, no solutions, and infinite solutions with a given line, which reinforces the idea that in any system, there are three possibilities for intersection, and that the only thing that matters when trying to determine which is the case is the rate of change of each line.  I think this implants and embeds an important conceptual understanding right at the outset of this unit, which lives on throughout the unit, before we get into the deep algebra of substitution and elimination.

  High Quality Task: Making note of structure with systems of linear equations
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Solve systems of linear functions by graphing - TWO lines on the same graph?!?

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Objective: SWBAT solve systems of linear equations by graphing.

Big Idea: What does it mean when two lines intersect?

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