Reflection: Relevance Introduction to the Spending & Saving Project - Section 3: Spending and Saving Part 1a: Saving Money


Luis anecdote: "This doesn't make sense," he said.  He was trying to do all the work in his head.  He got to a problem that he couldn't think about intuitively in his head.  This was finally a moment where algebraic moves seemed to be a useful tool to him.  Even after he solved the problem, he was having trouble deciding if the solution made sense.  This took us back to the definitions of x and f(x), and he had to slow down again to read that.  I share this story because, in general, this assignment is designed to get kids interpreting, paying attention to detail, and using what they know about math.  This is indeed what happened!

  Why Learn Algebraic Manipulation?
  Relevance: Why Learn Algebraic Manipulation?
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Introduction to the Spending & Saving Project

Unit 8: Linear and Exponential Functions
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Objective: SWBAT use function notation, evaluate functions for inputs on their domains, and interpret statements that use function notation in the context of several financial situations.

Big Idea: Interpreting mathematics in context lends value to our discipline and helps students make sense of the tools we ask that they learn to use.

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