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As I circled the room, I noticed one of my students illustrated some fractions to assist him in solving the given set of problems.  I wanted to get  clarity on how this concept of why and how this help him problem solve. I captured his explanation on video. This made me realize that there is no set way to solve problems, students basically do what is comfortable for them.



  What are we thinking?
  Student Led Inquiry: What are we thinking?
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What's The Degree?

Unit 6: The Road to Angles, Points, and Turns!
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT determine how the turn of one angle can be measured in degrees.

Big Idea: Slips, Slides, and Turns are often seen throughout the day! Students will be able to determine the degree of an angle, and identify the given angle based on the degree.

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slips slides and turns
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