Reflection: Checks for Understanding The Tortoise and the Hare Project Day 4 - Section 1: Warm Up


My students came in this year with a particularly large range of abilities and mathematical confidence. With the new junior year Common Core tests coming up in exchange for our old sophomore test, we realized that our students needed to have Algebra 2. This pushed many students into Algebra 2 that historically haven't taken it at our school.  When you combine that with the curriculum changes resulting from the Common Core, I need to be mindful that my students are very diverse in prior knowledge and ability.  

This was evident in the responses obtained from this warm up.  I did have many students who  understood linearity as seen in Student Work 1 and Student Work 3.  Student Work 2 represents a common misconception that all graphs are linear since this is the function many students have had the most experience with.  My objective is that after today's lesson, most students will be able to accurately describe a linear function.  

NOTE: If there is time, having students revisit their warm up could be an alternate or additional exit ticket.

  Checks for Understanding: Who knows lines?
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The Tortoise and the Hare Project Day 4

Unit 2: Modeling with Functions
Lesson 15 of 24

Objective: Students will be able to determine and justify appropriate non-linear models to fit a scenario.

Big Idea: Will the tortoise win again? Students will not only find out but write a mathematical story about it.

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