Reflection: Accountability Dear Mrs. Kanthack: A letter from students about mastering Division Standards - Section 4: Dear Mrs. Kanthack


In my class, I will not test students unless they are ready. Those not being tested will be pulled aside for more practice in areas that are weak. With CCSS, ALL students must master the applicable standards. That is what CCSS is about and supports individualized learning. In the case of division, I believe, with the data from the pretests, that this was the most difficult standards we have attempted. I also believe, with data from the quizzes, that while most have moved along and mastered those, there are a few that need that practice. They aren't ready. I will hold some more after school classes, pull individual students and help them master the standards. Then and only then will I test those students.

Expectations are high. To say that all students must master their goals is to say that all students must master a level of excellence that the past did not support. Prior to CCSS we usually passed students on, not really keeping track of what they have mastered. Grades felt either rewarding or punative. The value of learning was not emphasized. Now with CCSS, the value of mastering certain goals makes learning more personal, and students take responsibility for their goals.

In this Educreations Video, you can see some of the samples of the letters we generated and printed. Language arts standards are being mastered through this writing lesson too. These letters were written as rough drafts. They will be edited later.

One more thing to share: When we were reviewing our work today, a student gave an answer of 2.5 in the problem that quartered a recipe. I asked how he got 2.5, since we hadn't worked on decimals. Arguing had ensued because most had 2 and 2/4 for an answer. The boy said his dad had told him that 10 ÷ 4 was 2.5. I asked if he understood why? We talked about how his dad giving him that answer had robbed him of understanding. He agreed. By the time the discussion was done with everyone explaining their answers, he understood. That's what CCSS is about. That is what this upcoming test needs to be about and it is my hope that the review was a catalyst to success. The writing of the letter seals that understanding and responsibility.


  Testing as they master standards....
  Accountability: Testing as they master standards....
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Dear Mrs. Kanthack: A letter from students about mastering Division Standards

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 20 of 21

Objective: SWBAT examine, review and acknowledge what standards they will be assessed on for division.

Big Idea: Students collaborate to critique their review assignment and then use online, "Letter Generator" to write their teacher a letter explaining their goals on this upcoming test.

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