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Finding the right balance in terms of how much reading a teacher assigns and allowing students choice in terms of their reading is no easy task. In Readicide, Kelly Gallagher advocates a 50/50 approach. That is, the teacher chooses 50% of the student's reading, and the student chooses 50%. Still, getting some kids to read rather than fake read can be a challenge. 

I'd rather focus on building a love of reading in students than worry about whether or not a student understands every metaphor and symbol in a text. We can do too much "splicing and dicing" of a book, resulting in students leaving our classrooms and never again reading a book of his/her own free will. 

It's our job to share our reading lives with students. It's our job to help students develop into what Donalyn Miller calls "wild readers." Some do this naturally, but others need our help in finding their inner wild-child reader. 

  First Do No Harm to a Student's Reading Life
  Accountability: First Do No Harm to a Student's Reading Life
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Pitching Books: Selling Kids and Their Peers on Reading

Unit 2: Raising Readers: Getting Students to Read in and out of the Classroom
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Objective: SWBAT pitch books using strategies from Daniel Pink's "To Sell is Human"

Big Idea: We're all selling something, whether ideas or products.

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to sell is human
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