Reflection: Modeling Modeling and Trying the Seven-Step Poetry Analysis - Section 3: Getting Down to Business


Think-alouds make me self conscious.  I swear it takes me back to seventh grade when I felt like everyone was staring at me and silently making fun of me... wait... they ARE staring at me and are most likely making fun of me!  But, you know what? It's okay because the benefit of modeling a strategy like the seven-step analysis far outweighs the worry of them thinking you're weird (they already do anyway, I promise!)

When I do a think-aloud, I go over the top.  I want them to know every thought that is going through my mind.  It allows me to channel Faulkner and do a real stream-of-consciousness thing.  They need to know that all of those random thoughts bouncing around their brains are what reader-response is all about. The goal of this demonstration is to show them the importance of capturing all of those thoughts on paper because these strange little thoughts will translate to literary brilliance in an essay.

So, as I begin the dreaded-think aloud, I remember why I do this.  I want to show kids that it's okay to be a little out there when reacting to a poem!


  Don't Shy Away From the Think-Aloud
  Modeling: Don't Shy Away From the Think-Aloud
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Modeling and Trying the Seven-Step Poetry Analysis

Unit 14: Analyzing Poetry for Writing & Discussion
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Objective: SWBAT analyze the impact of rhyme, repetition, structure, and figurative language on the meaning of a poem through multiple readings and annotations.

Big Idea: Discover the meaning of a poem using what we know about figurative language, sound, and structure.

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