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FAIL!!! This was not a good idea to use as an advanced organizer! The students did not have enough background knowledge on Antarctica to be able to create a list.  They struggled to even understand where Antarctica was located! 

I ended up pulling up a map and discussing the location, the climate and other basic pieces of information to give them some background.  

We did come up with a little list, but not effective to making the point.  I would provide the students with either a brief video, or even a collage of pictures to give them some background information.  

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Unit 5: Unit 3 Nonfiction and Informational Text
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine the main idea of a variety of texts.

Big Idea: What would it be like to live at the bottom of the world? Students read a nonfiction article to find the main idea and discover what living in Antarctica would be like.

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