Reflection: Routines and Procedures Super Practice with Angle Values - Feedback session - Section 2: Conferencing as Follow-up


The most powerful aspect of super practice sessions are that you can take time to talk to small groups of students in a focused way with direct and helpful feedback. Here are some basics to making the system work:

  1. A conference should always involve at least 2 people. Never isolate a teaching moment to only one student. Always try and involve as many people as is reasonable.
  2. A conference should have at most 6 students. If you have more than 6 at a time, then perhaps the conversation is better off happening to the whole class. 
  3. A conference should involve students at the same approximate score level. This allows them to feel more confident and raise their questions or concerns. 

If you find that you don't know what to say in these conferences, let me share an approach that has worked well for me (remember that the focus of the conferencing is the exit ticket from the day before).

  1. Give students two minutes to reread their work on their exit ticket.
  2. Give students a few minutes to correct mistakes on their exit ticket. 
  3. Ask the group to share findings. If at least one students can explain how he/she solved a problem correctly, then the others can dutifully take notes and give feedback. 
  4. If no one can explain a given problem, I step in and help. 
  5. Then I ask students a sample question or two and speak to each of them about finishing the follow up questions. 

If you find that you never have enough time for conferencing, here are some tips for speeding up the process. 

  1. Students who get full credit have a short conference with me (usually we hi-five and I ask if they have any other questions. 
  2. Students who are almost 100% correct might not need much guidance. I often ask them to take their paper to their seat, fix their work and then conference with me. They can often fix their work quickly without much guidance. 


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Super Practice with Angle Values - Feedback session

Unit 5: Lines, Angles, and Algebraic Reasoning
Lesson 13 of 16

Objective: SWBAT review challenging problems and apply the lessons learned about angles to solve problems.

Big Idea: Students need directed feedback to help understand the content they are learning in class.

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