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When I use books to demonstrate or practice a strategy with students, I always try to use ones that we are currently reading or have read together in the past, but for Predictions, I need a book that the students haven’t read before. This can be a big challenge when you have 28 students, many of which love to consume book after book. To overcome this challenge, I stop by our school’s library and randomly select a few picture books off the shelf, often books I’ve never heard of before. While glancing through them, I try to find a piece of text that lends itself well to this lesson, with something intriguing or exciting, that will have students predicting what will happen next. That is a great strategy for finding books that students can make blind predictions for. 

  Finding Uncommon Books
  Lesson Planning: Finding Uncommon Books
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Predictions: Look into my crystal ball

Unit 6: Predictions Unit
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT notice when they are making Predictions in books from their browsing boxes

Big Idea: Introducing the concept of Predictions

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