Reflection: Classroom Setup Daily Desmos and Factoring Day 1 of 2 - Section 2: Watch One - Try One - Teach One


An excellent "old school" tactic that I use to check for understanding is whiteboard practice.  Early in my teaching career, a veteran teacher allowed me to to borrow her set of 16"x12" whiteboards for a lesson that I created.  I immediately realized the power that they have as a teaching tool.  For whatever reason, when a student is given a whiteboard they are more likely to participate without the fear of being wrong.  It never fails that EVERY student raises a board with a response on it - even if it is wrong.  With 30 other boards popping up in the air at the same time the student does not have to fear being wrong as much as other "check for understanding" teaching strategies.  It is also instant feedback for the teacher!  Any students to struggle I make sure to check on in in the next section of the lesson. 

If you don't have the funds to go out and purchase a set of whiteboards, do what I did:  Go to your local Home Improvement store and buy a couple sheets of shower board.  Have your shop teacher (or do it yourself like I did) cut the shower board into mini whiteboards.  Cut up an old towel into small pieces to use as erasers, and presto, your new instructional tool is complete!  I use my whiteboards all of the time for a wide variety of applications. 

  Home-Made Whiteboards
  Classroom Setup: Home-Made Whiteboards
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Daily Desmos and Factoring Day 1 of 2

Unit 9: Polynomials and Problem Solving
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify zeros and construct a rough graph of a polynomial function.

Big Idea: "Watch One - Try One - Teach One" helps the students attain mastery of polynomials.

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