Reflection: Lesson Planning What really is "Factoring"? - Factor by Grouping - Section 3: Looking at the graph - The WHAT?


In the Video Narrative: Teaching Factoring through Graphing you will see how I work through an example with my students.  I intentionally select an example that all of the students will be able to easily factor so that the focus is on the graphing, rather than on the algebraic component.

When I have done this lesson in the past, I only use this example in classes that really struggle with the concepts and have limited prerequisite skills.  Most upper level classes will have no issue using a graphing utility to find linear factors of a more complex function.


  Lesson Planning: Teaching Factoring through Graphing
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What really is "Factoring"? - Factor by Grouping

Unit 9: Polynomials and Problem Solving
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT redefine their understanding of factoring. SWBAT factor polynomials by grouping.

Big Idea: From the entry poll to the final bell, the students will redefine their knowledge of factoring!

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