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So, I have been super sick for the past few days. As I mentioned in a reflection earlier this week, there is nothing worse than being sick as a teacher. Because I was going to have to take the afternoon off to testify before the Colorado state senate's committee on education against a bill meant to halt standards implementation in my state (it was defeated!=), I decided to just take the whole day and hopefully sleep myself back to health.

With that in mind, my plans had to be modified a little bit. I am incredibly fortunate to have a teaching partner because it means that unexpected days off are less disruptive to our students. He modified the plans to make the day a little more seamless.

Instead of having a set SSR time today, students read when they finished their quiz. This allowed students who needed a little more time to process the difficult tasks that little extra time and made sure that the classroom environment was quiet.

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  Routines and Procedures: Sub Day Change of Plans
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Responses to The Communist Manifesto: Individual Assessment

Unit 12: Informational Text: Craft and Structure Analysis
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to read and comprehend literary nonfiction by proficiently completing a brief reading assessment based on The Communist Manifesto.

Big Idea: We've been reading in groups. Now students need to show what they can do independently with this complex text.

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