Reflection: Gradual Release What's the Point Part 2 - Section 2: Hands on Practice


During the hands on part of the lesson, I notice several students had some concept of what they were doing. However, they were applying it wrong.  Because I need my students to see their own mistakes, I try to gradually guide them into using their own thinking.  I don't have a customary way of doing this. I just do what works best for my students.  The video gives better understanding to my support techniques.



  Knowing when to assist.
  Gradual Release: Knowing when to assist.
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What's the Point Part 2

Unit 6: The Road to Angles, Points, and Turns!
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT identify and analyze the relationships between and among points.angles, and rays.

Big Idea: Students often want to understand why points are made, using what they learned about points students discover, and analyze the relationship between points and angles.

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