Reflection: Exit Tickets What's so Bad About Paying For a Stamp? - Section 4: Closing the Loop


I used the exit ticket responses to gauge how well students could demonstrate their understanding with written responses. For the most part I did not get the in depth answers that I had hoped for and when I questioned some students it seemed to stem from two issues - 1. a lower understanding of taxes and what they are used for, and 2. a lack of connection being made to the difficulties faced by both sides after the war ended.

I decided to adapt a lesson in two ways - first of all to change the lesson to conduct the class debate before the written responses to help students build understanding of the two opinions and reasons before they had to write down their responses. I think this will help my ELL and struggling students to gain deeper understanding of the issues in the text.

The second change I made was to teach the difficulties with paying taxes using M & M candy. I wanted to show them how the excitement of having money earned "by hard work" could be deflated when so much had to be given back to the government and to the king. I'm hoping that this will create a memory from which they can build empathy towards why the colonists risked so much and fought for so long to win their independence.    

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What's so Bad About Paying For a Stamp?

Unit 4: Our American's Revolution - A Time For Change
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Objective: SWBAT...present an opinion of the British or Colonists on the Stamp Act by sequencing ideas logically and using appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details to support main ideas; speak clearly at an understandable pace

Big Idea: To become an effective debater we need to learn both sides of the issue and then accumulate facts to support our opinions.

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