Reflection: Intervention and Extension Over in the Meadow - Section 3: Assessment


I created the Prezi presentation so that my students could hear and see some of the animals from the story and song.  So many times we share information assuming that the children have had exposure to things we take as everyday experiences.  Our school's setting is at the edge of a wetland, so throughout the year we walk along the edge of the property to point out the changes in the area. But, just in case we miss something, by showing a short video clip, like I do in the Prezi, then I am sure that the children have gotten a glimpse at the information I want them to have for the lesson.

If you want to extend this lesson more, look at the lesson entitled "More from the Meadow".

  Intervention and Extension: More from the Meadow
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Over in the Meadow

Unit 5: Kids and Ezra Jack Keats
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT distinguish whether two words rhyme. Student Objective: I can play a game to tell if words rhyme.

Big Idea: Children can use a variety of modalities to determine if words rhyme.

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