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You will see in the video from the resource section our method of tagging the numbers on the number line and figuring out their order. I had a few students that became lost in this process and I had to back peddle a little and give them something else to focus on to come up with their answer. I drew a line under the tens place on each number on the chalkboard and asked them just from looking at these numbers, which one would come first or second. For example, if I had the number 34 and the number 23, they should focus on the 3 tens and 2 tens. Which one is smaller? The 2 tens, so it would come before 34. This helped all of those students who were overwhelmed by looking at all four 2-digit numbers at once. Also, I made sure to discuss what if we had two numbers that started with the same number. Then we would look at what was in the ones place also.  I have previously taught place value and my students know that the tens place is worth more than the ones place. They know that a number is made up of tens and ones and we have built models of 2-digit numbers to identify their quantity. I used this place value knowledge to assist them in identifying number order here. I started with having them look at the tens place because it holds the most value and could determine order from the beginning unless the numbers are the same, then I directed them to look at the ones place to compare the numbers and determine value. (1.NBT.B.3).  I was able to relate this to how we do alphabet order. First, we look at the first letter to put them in alphabetical order and if more than one word started with the same letter then we look at the second letter and so on.

  Continuous Assessment: Back Peddling
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Ordering 3 Numbers

Unit 1: Ordering Numbers
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Objective: SWBAT place numbers in order from least to greatest on a number line.

Big Idea: We need our little ones to understand how to use a number line to order numbers by placing them in order from least to greatest.

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