Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Powers of Products and Quotients - Section 4: Application


Before putting together this lesson for the project, I would allow students to use the term distribute as a verb to exemplify what to do when simplifying using the power of products rule.  “Distribute the exponent among each of the factors” and simplify. This quite frequently appears in texts and other internet resources as something permissible. Yet I’ve perceived that by allowing this, students may fall into the mistake of “distributing” the exponent among the addends in examples such as (a +  b)2 with much more ease than they already do.  After all, students have learned that the distributive property is used over addition and subtraction          { a(b ± c) = ab  ± ac }.  Given 8th grader’s learning stage, with respect to real number properties, I feel that the term “distribute” should be kept in its place and not mixed in with the exponent properties. I’d make sure students understand WHY the power of a product or quotient works before using any term as a short cut to the answer.  Maybe terms like “issue, allocate, or even saying “each factor receives” can be used instead. 

  Distribute the power??
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Distribute the power??
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Powers of Products and Quotients

Unit 4: Powers and Exponents
Lesson 5 of 16

Objective: SWBAT simplify Powers of Products and Quotients

Big Idea: This lesson introduces and applies the last two of the basic properties of powers!

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