Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Propaganda Techniques Lesson 4: Wrapping Up False Advertising With Claims - Section 3: Building Knowledge: Notes on False Advertising


This portion of the lesson brought much conversation and laughter to the classroom. It is nice to see students interacting with the notes and noticing how the different types of false advertising is seen in ads for television or in-store purchases. I truly enjoyed the connection students made to how television ads offer products free or at a cheaper price but use the separate processing fee to make up the lost money/discounted cost. Additionally, I enjoyed my guiltiness of buying things under the buy one get one free or going out of business sale when in reality I am paying more than what's advertised. 

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Propaganda Techniques Lesson 4: Wrapping Up False Advertising With Claims

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT explain the advantages and disadvantages of false advertising in signs and lawsuits.

Big Idea: False advertising does have its pros & cons: Which would influence YOU?

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