Reflection: Student Ownership Fractions and Decimals - Section 3: Closure


As I reflect back over this lesson, I think about the main misconception identified in this lesson.  Some students wrote the number "100" in the hundredths place on the place value chart.  It is easy to tell the students what they did wrong and how to fix it, rather than lead them to the conceptual understanding.  In this lesson, I used questioning to help guide the students to putting the numbers on the chart in the correct place.

As teachers, we must keep in mind that students remember things for short periods of time if they do not actually understand the concept.  If we can get them to discover/learn the concept, then the skill will be forever with the students.  The students must take ownership in their own learning.  As a teacher/facilitator, questioning is one strategy to help lead the students to the conceptual understanding of the skill.


  Correcting Misconceptions
  Student Ownership: Correcting Misconceptions
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Fractions and Decimals

Unit 7: Decimals
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use a visual model to name the fraction and decimal.

Big Idea: Using a visual model gives the students a conceptual understanding of naming fractions and decimals

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Decimals, Fractions and Decimals
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fractions and decimals
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