Reflection: Flexibility Contractions With Is - Section 3: Making Our VKV's


After I had modeled the first card, I asked, "Who feels comfortable doing the rest on their own?  Who doesn't feel comfortable? "  There were about 6 students who didn't feel like they could cut the cards on their own.  So instead of having a big mess on my hands and frustrated students as well, I called those students to the back table.  I had them do all the work, but I assisted them by telling them where to make their cuts on the templates.  After they had done 3-4 cards on their own, they felt good about the project and finished the rest on their own.  This is a great strategy you might want to try as well.  Both you and your students will eliminate a lot of frustration.  You can see our little group working here in a video Small Group Help VKVs with Is.mp4.

  Flexibility: Being Flexible
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Contractions With Is

Unit 13: Grammar and Language Lessons
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT read and write contractions with "is" as well as the two words that comprise the contraction.

Big Idea: Learning contractions help us to decode better. The better we decode the more fluent we get!

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