Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Heart Parts: Write a Valentine Tale and Perform It - Section 4: Closure


Coming up with a catchy name for my cereal box/title resulted in "Heart Parts."  The lesson melts Valentine's Day with Parts of Speech, and I thought I was clever.  Unfortunately, as the kids were writing their stories, the name suddenly hit me in a different way.  I saw an image of heart pieces scattered all over the place.  Of course it was too late to make a title switch, but I'll probably leave it as it is, anyway. The making of a new cereal box doesn't seem like a good use of time, plus- it's kind of grown on me.  

Having said that....if using the lesson, you may want to move ahead with a nicer name.

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Heart Parts: Write a Valentine Tale and Perform It

Unit 4: Grammar Greats
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: TSWBAT focus on the parts of speech as they create and perform Valentine's Day narratives.

Big Idea: The Parts of Speech, the Parts in a Play...just take Heart with all the Parts!

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