Reflection: Real World Applications Deciphering Word Problems to Write Equations - Section 5: Closure


Students struggled with coming up with 3 equations that pertained to their real life.  I had to give them some examples to help get them started.  I did explain to them, because I'm a super math nerd, that everyday the experience some type of equation in their lives.  They gave me the blank stare...oh well!


This morning you ate some conversational hearts (it was valentine's day) and at lunch you ate 10 more.  You ate 20 hearts in all.

Yesterday you started at certain level in your video game.  You just weren't on your game and you went down a level.  Now you are on level five. 


Your parent took you to the store to buy a pair of shoes.  Now your shoe collection is up to 6 pairs.  How many pairs of shoes did you have yesterday?

  Interpersonal gets them every time!
  Real World Applications: Interpersonal gets them every time!
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Deciphering Word Problems to Write Equations

Unit 7: Equations
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT write equations using real-life word problems.

Big Idea: Knowing the language of word problems helps students write equations which is a skill used in Algebra.

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