Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Deciphering Word Problems to Write Equations - Section 4: Writing Equations Roundtable


So, I'm thinking the students are really getting this.  We head in to the roundtable and all of a sudden the whole lesson goes south.  They are confused. They are not getting it.  I turned their desks back around and we continued the lesson by doing this activity as guided practice. In light of all of the questions, I decided to back this lesson up with a stations activity.  Stations is a great way to work in small group.  I will be working on finding the misconception.  Where are they falling apart?  

The next day's lesson will be set up as follows:

Teacher station:  Students will be working with me in small group.  I will give them whiteboards and markers to do their work.  We will go through more equations (all operations).  I will be there to assist in the setting up and solving.  We will talk about what is confusing and what holds them back from being able to do this independently. 

Sample teacher station questions


Independent Station:  I set up a matching activity.  I wanted this activity to be rigorous enough so they couldn't guess, but not so challenging that they would give up.  I designed the matching activity so that 2 problems had the same numbers.  This way they couldn't guess what they answer was.  I'm going to have the students set up a sheet of paper to do their math.  Their answer should read something like this:  #1 matches the equation __________ because ___________________.  Students will have to justify their solution.  This way I can use this to check for understanding. 

Matching Activity

Computer Station:  I will be using Buzzmath.  Buzzmath is a free website that is aligned to the core.  The students will be working under the tabe Equations and Inequalities.  They will then go to the tab that says Writing equations.  They will use a whiteboard to do their work, if needed.  I won't be able to use this information to check for understanding, but the site does give them immediate feedback as to whether they got it right or wrong.  

  Adjustments to Practice: Now it heads south.....
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Deciphering Word Problems to Write Equations

Unit 7: Equations
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT write equations using real-life word problems.

Big Idea: Knowing the language of word problems helps students write equations which is a skill used in Algebra.

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