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Students did such a great job giving each other feedback that I ended up having students go back to their desks and incorporate a piece of feedback into their writing!

I attached a picture of one example I was particularly excited about. This student tried to explain their counting in a really cumbersome way-by trying to count from 52 all the way to 32. The feedback they were given was a suggestion of a different way of counting. These students took my lesson and ran with it! Instead of just giving that student a check for listing how he counted, the evaluator gave the student some feedback on how to count more efficiently.

You can see that once this student was back at his desk, he used his pen to mark out how he counted and wrote how to count by 10s and 1s. He incorporated feedback and made his explanation even better!

  Student Feedback: Incorporating Feedback
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Speed Date!

Unit 9: Adding and Subtracting: Base Ten
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT explain other people's strategies for solving subtraction stories in base 10.

Big Idea: Students get moving in this lesson where they practice explaining someone else's thinking orally to help them get ready to write their explanations later!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, subtraction, addition properties
  60 minutes
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