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I remember when I first began teaching, I implemented a daily journal writing prompt, based off any inspirational quote I could find, whether or not its message fit into the day's lesson.  While I do not now dismiss the the activity as pointless, I am able to reflect back on the many missed opportunities to build complete and cohesive lessons around many of those quotes.

Through the years as a teacher, I have learned to find links within lesson steps, within unit lessons, and even, if possible, between unit transitions.  In this lesson, I am transitioning my students from the unit on Bad Boy by Walter Dean Myers and into the skill of analyzing argument, in order to prepare them for the various kinds of argument writing I will be asking them to do in the next two units.  

Instead of simply selecting any articles that allow my students to practice the skill I am teaching, I chose to use the articles on school sports because they give me the opportunity to treat them as an extension of the role basketball played in Myers' life.  In actuality, I may not need to refer back to this link as I progress through the next unit, but the opportunity is there, should I need it.  I have found it worth my while to seek out and exploit such links, as they have the potential to create more seamless transitions in my lesson delivery and hopefully more student buy-in.

  Finding Links Between Skill Transitions
  Lesson Planning: Finding Links Between Skill Transitions
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Analyzing Argument In Text

Unit 6: Bad Boy Part II
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: Given two opposing articles on sports in school, SWBAT identify the argumentative appeals used by both writers.

Big Idea: Students learn to recognize the building blocks of effective argumentation.

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