Reflection: Intervention and Extension A Valentine's Day Mystery - Section 1: Mini-Lesson


I deliberately made many of the clues that I wrote easy to answer.  But, in order to combat the problem of students finishing prior to others and "sharing" the final product, I leave some of the grid clues empty. Instead, as students finish, I ask them to write clues for these missing grids.  As students finish, I place some of the "early finisher's" clues on the board for others to use.  

This way, students are challenged to think backwards, use all they know to create the number on the grid, and confirm their thinking prior to posting as a clue. 

Listen to these students discuss their plan for a clue. 

  Intervention and Extension: Students Write Clues
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A Valentine's Day Mystery

Unit 12: Review Activities
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to use concepts they have already learned in order to locate numbers on the 100 grid.

Big Idea: Holiday excitement can present a work challenge. This lesson requires students to work and review, but they think they are involved in a holiday party game!

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Math, Fractions, addition, subtraction, review, division, multiplication, hundreds chart, parenthesis, adding coins, partner work, summer review, Summer
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