Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Polynomial Quiz and Factoring Puzzle - Section 1: Warm up and Homework Review


This warm up demonstrates one of the most common conceptual errors students bring from arithmetic to algebra.  Students know that when you divide a number by itself the quotient is 1.  However, many don’t translate that understanding readily to situations with algebraic expressions. 

My goal with a warm up like this is to use student work as way to generate class discussion, uncovering and correction the misconception.  Typically, someone will recognize and share that, when checking the work by multiplying, (see student's work) they do not come up with the original polynomial. This leads to the conclusion that there is a missing term, of 1 which is often left off (Math Practice 3). 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: The Missing Term
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Polynomial Quiz and Factoring Puzzle

Unit 3: Polynomials
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to factor polynomials.

Big Idea: Multiple methods for finding the factors of polynomials are addressed and analyzed in this lesson.

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Math, Algebra, polynomials, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, master teacher project, Factor Polynomials
  45 minutes
image polynomial quiz and factoring puzzle
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