Reflection: Middle of Unit Assessment - Section 2: Concept Development - QUIZ


As you can see in my video reflection below, at first glance I though this assessment went very well and that my students did well on it.  (I was mistaken. Keep reading to find out what I discovered) 


I had really high hopes and feel really disappointed.  My students did not do well on this quiz as I had originally thought.  I did have a few students get 100%, and a few students miss only a couple questions, but the large majority of my students got  A LOT of questions wrong!  I know, tomorrow is a new day and thankfully an opportunity to begin to re-teach and help my student get back on track to mastering these place value concepts.  

Perseverance was almost non-existent in my student's during the quiz. "What do I do?" was a phrase I heard over and over.  When I corrected one class's test, many students missed questions simply for not following the directions or only doing part of the question.  This is something I will need to practice with my students. 

Based off of the quiz results, I decided to stop new learning and review and reteach several place value concepts. Students will work with place value games to practicing these skills.

I designed several games for students to play in order to practice skills and master these concepts: multiplying and dividing whole numbers by 10, adding commas to numbers in order to read and write correctly, and work on naming a number with tens, hundreds and thousands.

Students will be able to rotate through three stations in our next lesson.  

Station 1- Correct Commas (I keep my games very simple and write the directions a sheet of paper.  The numbers are written on the board) 


Station 2 - Show what you know at the whiteboard



Station 3 - Number Name Match



I titled this reflection Place Value Phobia because after my initial corrections, I was "afraid" to continue with place value!  After some time and thinking, I can admit that this is very different for my students.  Most of them have been exposed to place value units in the past that merely ask them to identify place names and values of digits.  Thinking about 10 times more is difficult for students and they are clearly still trying to make sense of this concept. Also, students have been taught the "rounding trick", so it was a stretch for them this time.  This material is challenging form them but I'm thankful I did this check for understanding so I can make changes to my place value unit immediately. 


  Place Value Phobia
  Place Value Phobia
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Middle of Unit Assessment

Unit 8: Place value
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: SWBAT generalize place value understanding of multi-digit whole numbers through an assessment.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students complete an independent assessment in order to show proficiency with place value skills and rounding.

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Math, Place Value, Number Sense and Operations, rounding, assessment, check for understanding
  43 minutes
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