Reflection: Pacing Propaganda vs. Advertising Lesson 3: What's the Difference with these Posters? - Section 1: Warm-Up: Techniques used for Advertsing


The warm-up activity for today's lesson requires students to look over samples of propaganda posters that utilize the techniques of argument and persuasion. Although I started this lesson with having students focus solely on what images or words were used in each sample poster, teachers can provide students with the propaganda types, have them read over the definitions, and guess which example is shown in each slide.

Because my students are learning propaganda techniques again since seventh grade, much emphasis was not placed on students knowing what type of propaganda was used on each slide. However, having students recognize the images or words in each poster can began conversation on what propaganda type if any is used in the examples.

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Propaganda vs. Advertising Lesson 3: What's the Difference with these Posters?

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT determine the motives behind sample propaganda posters created by peers on War World II.

Big Idea: What did You say? Hold your poster this way!

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